Yoga-the art of strength, power, movement, stillness and grace... through the awareness of breath.

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Megan who?

Megan has sought to know more, experience more, to dive in and sort things out from a very young age. Yoga helped to organize her drive-offering a system to focus her creative passion. She finds life richer when she is sharing what she has learned or what she is learning. Some of her most pinnacle experiences have come from her willingness to get on a plane and seek out a more senior teacher and ask, "What next?" Megan expects students to ask the same from her.


Make your practice plan

Work toward a goal based on your current physical, mental needs and emotional need. Look at where you are now and where you  would like to see yourself. Expect to put in the time with great support and encouragement along the way. Yoga asana (the postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation work best over time and done consistently. All healthy habits start with a plan. Let's make this plan.